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75 Years of Capitol Records
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Código ISBN:   9783836550284
Nome :   75 Years of Capitol Records
Valor :   R$ 799,90
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Editora: TASCHEN

Idioma: INGLES

Dimenses (LxA): 33 X 33 cm

Pginas: 492

Encadernao: CAPA DURA 

Ano de Edio: 2017




From the Beatles to Beck, Sinatra to Sam Smith, a parade of era-defining artists have passed through the doors of the Capitol Records Tower, one of Hollywoods most distinctive landmarks and home to one of the worlds most defining labels for the past 75 years. To commemorate this extraordinary history of recorded music, TASCHEN presents this official account of Capitol Records, from its founding year of 1942 to today. With a foreword by Beck, essays by cultural historians and music and architecture critics, as well as hundreds of images from Capitols extensive archives, we follow the labels evolution and the making of some of the greatest music of the 20th and 21st centuries. Through pop, rock, country, classical, soul, and jazz, the photographic and musical history includes the labels most sucessful, cool, hip, and creative stars, as well as the one-hit wonders who had their all-too-brief moments in the spotlight.

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