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Martus- The book of Palms
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Código ISBN:   9783836566148
Nome :   Martus- The book of Palms
Valor :   R$ 379,90
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Editora: TASCHEN


Dimenses (LxA): 25 X 34,5 cm

Pginas: 412

Encadernao: CAPA DURA

Ano de Edio: 2017




This epic folio was based on von Martiuss expedition to Brazil and Peru with zoologist Johann Baptist von Spix, sponsored by King Maximilian I of Bavaria, to investigate natural history and native tribes. From 1817 to 1820 the pair traveled over 2,250 km (1,400 miles) throughout the Amazon basin, the most species-rich palm region in the world, collecting and sketching specimens. On their return both men were awarded knighthoods and lifetime pensions. In his epic work, von Martius outlined the modern classification of palm, produced the first maps of palm biogeography, described all the palms of Brazil, and collated the sum of all known genera of the palm family. Apart from his own collection of specimens and notes, von Martius also wrote about the findings of others. Von Martiuss folio is unusual in its inclusion of cross-sectioned diagrams, conveying the architecture of these mighty trees, which central Europeans would have found hard to imagine accurately. Equally remarkable are the color landscapes showing various palmsoften standing alonewhich have a simple and elegant beauty. This famous work is an unrivaled landmark in botanic illustration and taxonomy.

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