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The airship of adventure of little Nemo
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Código ISBN:   9783836565356
Nome :   The airship of adventure of little Nemo
Valor :   R$ 89,90
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Editora: TASCHEN

Idioma: INGLS

Dimenses (LxA): 13,7 X 19,5 cm

Pginas: 288

Encadernao: CAPA DURA 

Ano de Edio: 2017




This book gathers all of Little Nemos colorful airship adventures in Slumberland, totaling 69 installments, first published between January 1910 and April 1911. Brimming with sky-high imagination, these airship adventures represent some of the most ambitious artwork and exciting tales of McCays revolutionary comic and of his much-loved dream voyager. The installments see Nemo flying to the moon, to Mars, and on a triumphant tour of major sights and metropolises across the East Coast of America and Canada and beyond, including Yellowstone National Park, Niagara Falls, and New York City. An introductory essay from art historian Alexander Braun contextualizes these airship episodes within the broader Little Nemo series as well as McCays ambitious and exceptionally influential career. Braun reveals how the airship journey was not only a pioneering narrative arc in the early days of comic but also a creative bombshell which propelled McCay towards further endeavors, namely the first animated film in history.

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